What to Expect at Your First Meeting

Your initial consultation is completely complimentary. The goal is to get to know you, establish a high-level picture of your financial situation, and understand your goals. We want to define how we can best assist you with your financial goals.

Defining the Scope of Our Services

When you come to us for assistance, we will determine whether you have a product-based need or a planning-based need during our initial meeting. 

For instance, you may approach us seeking to open and start contributing $200.00/month to a Roth IRA. In such a case, we define your need as product-based. 

However, you may want to start a Roth IRA, but would like us to develop a financial plan to determine if you're contributing enough to retire at age 62. Additionally, you may seek complete tax strategy planning to decide whether it's financially feasible to max out your pre-tax retirement plan at work before investing in a Roth IRA. These scenarios we would define as planning-based.

Considering your current income and debt levels, you may also want to know if you have adequate life insurance coverage. We are here to assist you, whether for a specific product request or a comprehensive financial plan. We aim to provide you with the support you require.

What to bring to your first meeting: 

We are happy to review any documents that help us grasp your financial situation. 

We commonly request the following: 

  • Recent pay stubs. 
  • Current retirement and investment statements.
  • Pension statements.
  • Social Security statements.
  • Emergency reserve totals held at banks/credit unions. 
  • Most recent tax return(s). 
  • Amounts you are contributing to retirement monthly or annually. 
  • Mortgage, college loan, credit card balances.
  • Life insurance and disability insurance coverage amounts or contracts. 
  • A general average monthly total of what you spend to cover all your necessary expenses wants and wishes.