Retirement & Financial Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Most of us understand that we need to save or accumulate money for retirement, but transitioning those savings into an income stream after our paychecks end can be concerning for many retirees.
OUCU Investment Services, available through LPL Financial LLC (“LPL”), can help you develop a retirement income strategy. Use our Retirement Planning Calculator as a starting point in developing this strategy and connect with an LPL Financial Advisor to put it into action.

Retirement Readiness Blueprint Service

Are You Planning on Retiring in the Next Year?

As you make this transition, you’ll face many important questions like: How much money do I need to live on? When should I start receiving Social Security? How do I maximize my pension?
With our Personal Retirement Readiness Blueprint, we will help you navigate the complexities of your unique retirement situation and make suggestions based on your specific goals.

This program includes:

• Making a retirement “paycheck”
• Long Term Care Solutions
• Medicare and Supplements
• Legacy and Survivor Planning
• Tax-Efficient Strategies
• Estate Planning Strategies

Download the Personal Retirement Readiness Blueprint for more information.

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Financial Planning

If you are like most people, you have various financial issues that you know you need to address. This may include saving for retirement, sending a child to college, rolling over a retirement account from a previous employer, protecting your assets, or leaving a legacy for your family when you pass on. 

Setting goals, initiating action, and periodically reviewing your progress are essential when addressing these issues. OUCU Investment Services, available through LPL Financial LLC (“LPL”), has access to financial planning software designed to help you do that. Not only will we provide you with an easy-to-understand report of your financial situation, but we will also help you implement the plan itself.

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